Launched GoPaisa Premier League (GPL) for Cricket Lovers, the leading cashback website is all set to make this cricket season more exciting and rewarding for all the cricket lovers. While the cricket fever is engulfing the country, has geared up to add an interesting twist to the favourite game of the nation. This season, the renowned cashback website exclusively has launched Gopaisa Premier League for all the cricket maniacs across the country. GPL is a 100% cash-free e-betting platform where everyone can earn shopping points by predicting IPL toss, match and tournament winners.


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GoPaisa Premier League


Keeping alive the zeal and enthusiasm of the game, Gopaisa offers an amazing opportunity to win incredible prizes for all the participants. With the start of this tournament, the website traffic has increased three times wherein; more than five thousand players are betting and playing GPL daily. What makes Gopaisa Premiere League (GPL) different and unique from other tournaments is that here the participants are showered with irresistible prizes and cashback offers worth Rs 10 lakh, for free. The highlighting factors driving GPL are Toss ka Boss, Match Betting and Cup Betting. To play this interesting tournament, every player is given 1000 points initially as soon as they join the game. Wondering how to enter the game, read the details below and play on.


How to participate in GoPaisa Premier League

How to Play Toss ka Boss? Visit GoPaisa Premier League Page   Login and predict the toss winning team. The player can invest as many points as they wish to invest on their chosen team. A participant will have only a limited time to select or edit their preferred team. The betting process for the same closes 30 minutes before the toss. If the team selected by the player wins the toss, they will get entitled to double (2x) the points invested. For example, during a match between Kolkata and Mumbai, if the player selects Kolkata and invests 100 points to play Toss Ka Boss and the team wins, the player’s account will be credited with 200 Gopaisa League Points within 2 hours.



Rules for Match Betting are also similar. The player needs to log in and select a team which will be the winner of the match. Betting for the same closes 1 hour before the start of the IPL game. The player is permitted to make or edit their team selection only till the rates do not change. If the team chosen by the participant wins the match, they will win points according to the rates on which they did their betting.

  • Finally, Cup betting is where the player has the chance to win maximum points. The rules for this remain same as match betting. The only point to remember is that rates of all the 8 teams will vary as the GPL tournament will progress. And, each participant’s points will be calculated on the basis of the on-going rate of their preferred team at that particular point of For example, if they’ve bet 100 points on a team which is priced at the rate of 9x, then the player will be entitled to 900 points if the team wins.

So, wait no more and start betting and earn maximum points. The participant with a maximum number of points will qualify win prizes like iPhone, 32 inch LED, home theatre and more. So, till the IPL season is on keep playing GPL to win amazing prizes. To know more about GPL, visit launched GoPaisa Premier League (GPL) for Cricket Lovers

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