Skrubble High Action Dish Wash Liquid – 500 ml (Pack of 2)

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Dishwashing is common to every Indian household. What are also common are the problems which every household faces while cleaning dirty pots and pans, especially considering the fact that most Indian recipes are rich in oil and curry. The result is greasy dishes while cooking vessels are rendered heavily greased and stained. Skrubble High Action Dishwash Liquid has been developed with a technologically advanced Grease Busting Formulation which cleans various kinds of oil and grease stains. Skrubble dishwash liquid not only exhibits good grease removal, it is also mild on the skin. Mildness on the skin is ensured by controlled pH levels. Skrubble does not leave any white layer or residue on utensil surface that other dishwash bars and liquids usually do. It is equally good for cleaning your regular utensils, glassware and chinaware. Thus, Skrubble Dishwash Liquid not only cleans efficiently but also leaves your crockery and utensils gleaming. For regular utensils and dishes, take 1 teaspoon of Skrubble liquid, dissolve it in a bowl of water and use. For tough grease on cooking utensils, pour 1 drop of Skrubble liquid directly on the utensil and use.



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